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AutoZone Class Status -- July 2018
Bailey Pinney & Associates, LLC
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AutoZone has made a settlement offer that has been accepted by Plaintiffs' counsel that will pay all class members unpaid wages plus interest as calculated by Plaintiffs expert.

Preliminary Approval has been applied for with the Court. Once received, a notice of settlement will be sent to all class members along with a claim form to be returned for payment of wages plus interest.

Contact Information

Bailey Pinney & Associates, LLC Attorneys at Law
Attention: J. Dana Pinney
3802 SE Rivercrest Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98683

Telephone: 1-360-567-2551


Attention Class Members.

In order for the Class Administrator to contact you for a possible payout when the case is finished, you need to make sure your contact information is accurate and current.

Here is the email address:

Include the following information:
     1)   Your current full name and any former name
     2)   The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
     3)   Your mailing address
     4)   Your home phone number
     5)   Your cell phone number
     6)   Your email address