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AutoZone Class Status
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There are 3 actions pending in State Court in Multnomah County Oregon against AutoZone.  The oldest, Joarnt v. AutoZone, and the last, Burk v. AutoZone are stayed pending the outcome of the appeal in the principle case of Migis v. AutoZone.
In the Migis v. AutoZone Case:
In February, 2010, A Jury returned a verdict for the Plaintiff and the Class against AutoZone for unpaid wages in the amount of $110,030.00 for a class of 1,022 individuals.

In April, 2010, the Trial Court conducted a bench trial on penalty wages and awarded $1,459,226.00 in penalty wages for unpaid wages, Plus, $889.565.00 in penalty wages for unpaid overtime, Plus $90,475.00 for late payment of final wages, plus pre-judgment interest on all amounts.

On November 21, 2011, a General Judgment and Money Award was entered in the Register for the amount of $2,549,296.00 for wages and penalty wages, plus $1,144,058.00 in pre-judgment interest.

In April and August 2012, the Court considered plaintiff's attorneys fees, costs, and expenses. The Court awarded $25,000.00 Incentive payment to the Plaintiff, plus $4,249,665.49 in Attorneys fees and $409,820.51 in Costs and Expenses to the Plaintiff and the Class.

In February 2013 a Supplemental Judgment was entered in the registry for Fees, Costs, Expenses, and Incentive Pay.

In January 2013, AutoZone filed an appeal seeking reversal of the Judgments. The Class filed a cross appeal seeking additional penalty wages for violation of Oregon's meal period law. Extensive briefs, cross briefs and motions were filed with the Oregon Court of Appeals

On January 6, 2015, the Oregon Court of Appeals heard Oral Argument.

On December 14, 2016 a decision was issued by the Oregon Court of Appeals.  Court of Appeals Decision

On December 29, 2017, the Oregon Supreme Court denied AutoZone's request for Review. The Case will now return to the Circuit Court for conclusion of the case consistent with the Court of Appeals Decision.  Oregon Supreme Court Denial